Hi there! I'm Nicolas Bevacqua, a full-stack developer who loves his job. You can find me blogging on Pony Foo, just click on the rainbow below. I mostly write about JavaScript and the open web.

When I'm not writing something in plain english, I'm pushing code to my GitHub account. I maintain a few open source utilities. These are a few of the projects I've worked on:

  • Finding clean, easy to use, and progressive UI elements is hard. That's why I created Rome, a full-featured date-time picker component, and Insignia, an accessible tag input field.
  • I put together an MVC framework called Taunus which focuses on progressive enhancement and performance optimization.
  • I wrote my own asynchronous flow control library, contra
  • Deployments are hard, even more so if you want to automate them. I wrote grunt-ec2, the best Grunt plugin out there for automating deployments to AWS EC2. It even lets you spin up new EC2 instances, filled with nginx, and pm2, and configuring it is trivial.
  • unbox is a Node.js project template that contains a complete Grunt workflow that enables continuous development and deployments.
  • I open sourced my blog from the very beginning, which was in late 2012.

You can click on the image below to find my GitHub account and all the projects I'm working on.

I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I started programming in Pascal in the late 90’s.

BASIC came shortly afterwards on the TI-74 my dad gave me, and, with it came VB6. Soon after that I discovered an open-source C# game server, and I was stoked.

I started building all kinds of web applications using C#, and developed a great interest in JavaScript, UX and, well, front-end in general. I’ve now shifted my focus towards Node. Late in 2012, I started coding a blogging platform, where I maintain my own blog.

I also read. A lot.

Below is a link to detailed information about my career, gently hosted by Stack Overflow, where I also have an account.

I don't have much else to add, except to thank you for stalking me.

You can email me at, I'll be happy to talk to you.

P.S: Have you tried #buildfirst?